MBBS For Foreign Students

Education of Foreign Citizens

Education of foreign citizens (attendees, students, specialists) has been started in our university since 1992. The International Education Division is coordinating all the questions of education of aforementioned foreign persons. As a result, the university has more than twentyyear unique experience in this area. Now more than 450 foreign citizens already fi nished their education, training and retraining in the university. These persons represent more than 40 different countries including but not limited to Morocco, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Tunis, Egypt, Israel, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, USA, etc. Now more than 180 foreign citizens from approximately 38 counties are educating at the university, these are: attendees of pre-educational courses, students, interns, residency course enrollee, post-graduate students. It is important to note that all our educational programs correspond to the Federal state educational standards of Russian Federation. Our university is widely regarded as a prestigious well-known educational, research and clinical center for the foreign attendees, students, and professionals who wish to obtain renowned high-quality Russian education. Therefore, the university is recognized in the World Directory of Medical Schools of the World Health Organization (WHO).
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