Courses in YSMU

MBBS for Foreign Students

Wanting to apply for MBBS abroad would be required to have an aggregate percentage of 50% or above in PCM.

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Bachelor degree programs take between 3 to 5 years to complete and further prepare graduates for a career.

Master's Degree Programs

Master of Medicine (MMed) is a postgraduate Professional clinical degree awarded by medical schools to physicians.

Specialist's Degree Programs

Specialist degrees are a type of post-master's degree program that is most common within the education field.

Admission and Education in YSMU


Education of foreign students is conducted in accordance with plans and syllabuses valid at Yaroslavl State Medical University (these are in strict adherence with Federal and State Educational Standards of Russian Federation). After successful graduation from YSMU, foreign students will receive corresponding documents that certify their education or qualification or degree in accordance with the educational system structure, which exists in Russia. Foreign students will obtain the diplomas that give them the right to carry out professional activities in accordance with the level of education, qualification, and law restrictions.


Foreign citizens who are wishing to study at Yaroslavl State Medical University will get electronic invitations for the study that giving them the right of official registration of his (her) entrance visa for visiting of Russia at the Russian Embassy in their country. To get the visa for Russia, foreign candidates must apply to the Russian Embassy in their native country with the official invitation from us. The International Educational Division of Yaroslavl State Medical University supplies official invitations to aforementioned category of candidates free of charge without any preliminary or post-procedure payments. After enrollment for education at YSMU, foreign citizens must get their right for temporary residence in Russia that is officially registered in accordance with the immigration laws of Russia. Foreigners are obliged to keep the visa and other documents safe and ready for demonstration in accordance with regulations for foreign citizens accepted on the territory of Russian Federation.


Those graduates (or foreign citizens) who got the diploma and who demonstrated their abilities for scientific and research work will have the opportunity to enter post-graduate courses on more than 30 licensed different specialties.


Foreign pre-educational course attendees, students, and postgraduates are provided by places for living at the comfortable student hostels. Accommodation fee is not included in the educational fee and must be paid separately. Living places are provided at the room with 2-3 roommates. The following services are provided: dining hall, kitchens, showers, bars, sport gyms, medical room, barber shop, stores, music clubs, etc.


Welcome to the Pre-Educational (Preparatory) Courses of Yaroslavl State Medical University (YSMU)! Foreigners who are not speaking Russian are initially enrolled at Pre-Educational Courses at YSMU, where they study Russian language. For the additional payment foreigners are invited to enter courses of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and other subjects, depending on specialty they want to get. At the end of educational year, there are final tests. Those who passed these tests successfully will get official certificates that give them the right to study at Yaroslavl State Medical University or in other educational institutions depending on specialty. Pre-educational courses of YSMU for foreigners are licensed by Russian Ministry of Health Care and the corresponding certificate gives the right to enter after admissions tests to the following faculties: medical faculties, faculty of pharmacy, postgraduate training. Foreigners who did not pass the examinations as well as those who did not show sufficient knowledge must return home to their native country at their own risks and expenses. Please, remember that we can accept a limited number of persons for Pre-Educational Courses, so will first wait for the deadline. After that (if the amount of applications will be more than 60) we will select those applicants for Pre-Educational Courses who have the higher scores on biology, chemistry, and physics in accordance with results of their national secondary school educational documents. We expect to have the decision on each applicant within approximately 10 days after submission deadline, after that date we will notify the successful applicants that are selected for the education this year. The period of invitation preparation is equal to 1-1.5 months. Invitations are arranged in electronic form only free of charge and this document is delivered by specified by applicant e-mail for free without any preliminary or post-procedure charge.


Completed application (including full name, date of birth, passport number, citizenship, permanent address, contact phone, fax, and e-mail of applicant). Application is free by its form, so applicant can arrange it he/she wishes as ordinary MS Word or *.pdf file. However, it should contain those data that are indicated above and applicant personal signature as well. - Passport and notary certified translation of it into Russian that is officially legalized in Russian Embassy in the country of issue (or bear the Apostyle mark). NOTE: The passport of applicant should be valid for the period of not less than 18 moths (1.5 years) from the moment of beginning of education. - Documents about applicant previous school education: school certificate, transcripts and supplementary materials (if available). If these materials are in other language than Russian, these documents should be officially legalized in the country of their issue. In addition, these documents should also be accompanied by officially and notary certified translations into Russian language. Both of these procedures should be done in the Russian Embassy of applicant native country. Supplementary materials must clearly show that applicant during school education time has passed successfully such mandatory subjects like Chemistry, Biology and Physics with the indication of the amounts of educational hours and obtained final marks on these subjects. - Certificate of birth (if available) with its officially certified translation into Russian language (translation could be done at the Russian Embassy at the native country of applicant). - Physical health examination report together with its officially certified translation into Russian language (translation could be done at the Russian Embassy at the native country of applicant). - HIV test results together with its officially certified translation into Russian language (translation could be done at the Russian Embassy at the native country of applicant). NOTE: All the documents mentioned above should be translated at the consular division of Russian Embassy or bear notary certified translation issued at the territory of Russian Federation (foreign notary or organization translations are not acceptable). Remember that, unfortunately, we are unable to consider end even to proceed with incomplete and/or one document-after-another (multiple incremented) submissions. Please, keep in the mind, that all the payments should be done only after arrival and positive admission confirmation in cash-desk of our university and in Rubbles only. Additionally, all the fees are subject to change and we allocate the right to change these fees in a one-side manner each year. Period of education on Pre-Educational faculty is approximately 8 months. Submission may be done by post, fax or by e-mail address: (preferably). Deadline for application and document submission is October 10 of each educational year. Education starts at December the first of each year, so approved applicants must arrive at YSMU strictly before December 1 of each educational year. If you want to be a doctor or a pharmacist, if you wish to get your education here, if you desire to see Yaroslavl and to know Russian, if you plan to learn our traditions and culture - you have to arrive here! We are welcoming you in the Preparatory Courses of YSMU!


The main scientific library of Yaroslavl State Medical University (YSMU) has been functioning since 1944. Nowadays the number of books is more than 500000. There are available more than 300000 items of scientific literature, more than 150000 items of educational literature (textbooks), more than 25000 items of foreign literature and 25000 items of fiction literature items. Now, there are about 8000 readers. The library provides the service to more than 20000 of readers per year. From 2000, the library is an active participant of the project for creating the Unified library system of the city, and this project will consolidate all libraries of Yaroslavl region into the network system with easy and simple electronic access to aforementioned library materials and databases. In YSMU fundamental library, several computer classes are working on the principles of free and opened access. Aforementioned classes are very popular and highly-demanded points of interest both for university employees and students. This is an essential part of university educational and scientific strategy. Since 1997, the librarians and instructors are providing free consultations and education courses how to use modern informational databases and citation systems. This system is allowing the access to the integrated international databases. The total number of items in electronic catalogue is equal to approximately 32000 items. It was also created the electronic library of YSMU.


For the last decades, the information technologies are actively developing in the Yaroslavl State Medical University (YSMU). First of all, this is necessary for the improvement of education, for educational and scientific research work as well. These informational technologies are granting some principally new services to students and employees of the university. Now there is available the Informatics Center of Yaroslavl State Medical University. The university has significant experience in the area of Internet activity. YSMU has its own local network with data transmission speed of up to 1 Gb/s. The main building of university is connected to this network via fiber-optical channels and via radio-modem communication. There are also available free Wi-Fi areas at YSMU. The university supports its own WWW-server.

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Yaroslavl is situated in 280 km (or 175 miles) northern-western from Moscow, the capital city of Russia. It is possible to get to Yaroslavl by car, by bus, by train and by airplane (in example, it takes usually 4 hours to get from Moscow to Yaroslavl by bus or train). 


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